French Press Coffee 

1 Serving = 55 g coffee / 800 ml water   { approx. 11.5 level tbsp coffee / 27 oz water }




  • French Press     [ Le Creuset -  Vol.  900ml  ]
  • Coffee Grinder     [ Zassenhaus Turkish Style Mill ]
  • Gooseneck Kettle     [ Hario V60 Buono Kettle ]
  • Scale [ Hario ] - Should weigh to 1/10th of a gram.
  • 55 g Fresh Roasted Coffee     [ neckar coffee ]
  • 800 ml/ 27 oz Fresh, Filtered Water                          



  1. Preheat water to between 195 - 205 degrees fahrenheit   
  2. Grind coffee to a medium/coarse consistency and pour into bottom of french press
  3. Pour water to fill the french press 3/4 full ( pouring evenly over grounds) 
  4. Let sit for approx. 3 minutes and pour remaining water evenly over grounds
  5. Cover and let sit for approx. 3 min.  
  6. Press and enjoy! 


NOTE: French Press is a full immersion brewing method that does not filter as finely as a paper filter.  This means that you must be delicate in order to not over extract the coffee.  Experiment with different brew times and brew ratio's as french press can be more variable than pour over/drip coffee.  We shoot for a total brew time between 4.5 and 5.5 minutes.  Coffee particle size (grind size) will produce larger variations in cup quality than it does in pour over/drip coffee due to an increased dose, longer total brew time and agitation.  


Hario V60 Buono Kettle

Zassenhaus Turkish Style Coffee Mill

Le Creuset French Press ( 900ml )

Ground Coffee - Medium/Coarse Consistency 

Pour Ground Coffee Into French Press

Fill Press 3/4 Full ( Covering Grounds Evenly )

Let Sit For Approx. 3 Minutes

Pour Remaining Water Evenly Over Grounds.  Cover And Let Sit For Approx. 3 Minutes.

Press And Serve